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The Tailie Icon Challenge

Because all the cool people are in Coach

Tailie Icon Challenge
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Welcome to Tailie Challenge, an icon challenge focused on the tail end survivors of Flight 815 Oceanic - the doomed flight on the hit ABC show "LOST".


  • Icons must fit Livejournal standards, 100x100 and 40kb
  • No voting for your own icon, or getting others to vote for you
  • Icons submitted through screened comments (with img src and url)
  • Icons must not be posted/used anywhere else before the results are in
  • Icons should not be a past made one, each icon should be made especially for each
  • Challenges are posted on either Sunday or Monday, icons can be entered till late Friday/Saturday and voting lasts from Saturday to Monday. Results will be posted after the votes have been tallied along with a new challenge.
  • If the moderators enter the challenge, they will make the votes public after results for assurance.

This community was created by firstanointed and is co-modded by scary_tan. If you have any questions, just holler at the mods in the most recent community post.

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