Phantom Space Cop (firstanointed) wrote in tailiechallenge,
Phantom Space Cop

Week 7: Special Challenge

[x] Submit your entry as comment to this post in both URL and IMG SRC format - comments will be screened
[x] You can enter up to 3 icons
[x] Do not post your icon elswhere until winners are announced
[x] Make sure all entries comply to the LJ standards (100 by 100 and less than 40k)
[x] Deadline for submission is Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Special Challenge subject matter: Season 2 Blooper Reel!

I know it's a bit late for a Special Challenge, but it's not too late, fortunately. Plus, it's an excuse to use Blooper Reel pics. :P Since this is the "Special" challenge, this one gives everyone two weeks to get in their submitions. I hope everyone has fun with it! :D Now. I'm gonna run off and watch some more Lost. Heh heh!





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