Phantom Space Cop (firstanointed) wrote in tailiechallenge,
Phantom Space Cop

Week 8 Winners

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OMG two first places and a third too? Thank you everyone so much! And I know you've asked to make everyone theirs but I'd like the banners.
Well, veetvoojagig's actually got the banners this week, but I can add you on as a banner-maker if you want. The more the merrier. :)

Oh no, I meant, in case someone says they don't want banners and you want to know who does. lol. I could help in extreme need but for now I'm already busy with losticontenders and 100lost. Besides, school's back tomorrow so that sucks even more. *sighs*
Oh, ok! I tend to just assume everyone wants banners. :P

Oh wow, school, yikes. I could probably help out with one of your comms if the challenge deadlines and stuff start to dig in. Putting votes up and stuff. Let me know if you do. :)
Yeah I do that too, you know. lol.

Yup, yikes indeed. And I'm all sore from my ballet class yesterday so that makes it worse. I just want to stay home and sleep. Sleep with Sexy!icon. Excuse the minor lame joke. It's early in the Thanks for the offer dear, I'll keep that in mind when things start to get too crazy. lol.
And btw, I loved the "Tell them Mr. Eko sent you." LOL You should put it in a shirt.
I totally should!! 'cause they're selling all the wrong tee shirt quotes at ABC's LOST online store. :P
Totally. lol.
Woot! Thanks everyone!

Thank you!